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Aubade: Sing like the Sun

Wake up you sleep shop heads. Wake now sleep stop.
Make with morning songs sung second to none.

Get up. Get up. Good god, get up a ton.
Stick socks and shoes on feet–sans the holdup.

Last warning. No snoozing here. Coffee’s up.
Don’t zizz on like hell on a hot dog bun

–a blanket sausage/pillowed concoction.
God bless everyone but get the hell up.

Window look, out, toward the sun. Rub your eyes
or whatever you do in the morning.

Sun’s an early riser so so must you
blow a so long kiss to your slumber selves.

And then stretch–sing like a sun a-shinin’.
Suns do sing, sleepsters. And, oh, don’t argue.


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2016 Prayer Prayed after Thanksgiving Meal

God, I did try again to transcend culture
this Thanksgiving–-by not doing it. I knew
it would be difficult with all the fare


and well-wishers. Yet, I did intend to amend
myself by not remaining so controlled by
irrational programming of surroundings


So by throwing out ritual and parade,
I’d have done it. Yes, I know, I KNOW, culture
functions as a foundation for clustering


based on our customized characteristics
–-our false instincts that distinguish us from them
and rests on dissimilarities seen in


their cultural characteristics. In our
world, the question has been colliding cultures,
which tend to be more the source of conflict than


Our cultural discrepancies often tend
to be nuanced at best, yet can still end in
disaster. Indeed, Lord, holidays seem to


to disallow the shards of Western cultured
dependence. I wanted to deny its grief
this Thanksgiving-–a small but first step–-by not


holiday foods, which should have been transcendence
enough for one year, yet it didn’t happen.
And though I have surrounded myself with ritual


humanity so, I did try transcending
Thanksgiving. But you know there’s pumpkin pie?
Still, I tried to better myself. So let me try


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Winter 2016/17 Issue

My wife’s poems are on page 52. Teri McGrath.

Dragon Poet Review

Ring in “Ice-pocalypse” 2017 with our largest issue of Dragon Poet Review yet: 94 pages of fresh, riveting poetry, prose and art.  Here’s a little taste to whet your appetite, as you build your own “nest in the dark” and snuggle up against the cold:

by Ken Hada

Days are shorter
than I want.

My cousin Bear
told me to prepare

but I was fooled
by crows at dawn

who come and go
as they please.

I am a building
a nest in the dark.


We recommend opening the journal on your tablet or e-reader app (Kindle) for the best viewing / reading experience. Please click here (on the title) to open:

Winter Issue 2016/17 Dragon Poet Review


Welcome to Dragon Poet Review! We are currently accepting submissions for our Summer 2017 Issue. We are looking for previously unpublished poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, and short memoir…

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Reading Wild Songs: Joy Love and Loss

Wild Songs: Joy Love and LossWild Songs: Joy Love and Loss by Sam McMichael

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In Oklahoma, more often than in any other place, everything is a symbol; can’t help be anything but–milkweed, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wild geese, sky, chickens, coyotes, cows, iambic pentameter, sonnets, pronouns, (even Dylan Thomas here) Fort Cob to Anadarko, Binger to Cache, Albert Camus, yep, monarch butterflies, too. Whether it grows here, flies in, or stumbles in, it is something.  Sam puts it this way, “Of course you must use the unrelenting wind and the heat and the cold, the dust storms, the blue northers, the tornadoes…and do it in the rhythm and inflection that Bob Dylan picked up from Woody Guthrie and exaggerated.” In Wild Songs: Love Joy and Loss, Sam reminds us of all that.
Over the years, I have heard Sam McMichael’s poems in venues around Oklahoma and wondered if ever a book was in the works. If prayers are ever answered in Oklahoma, that one has been.

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