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Notes from February

  1. According to the deep blue sea,
    there should be land somewhere.
    If not, there should be a sky above.
    I should try looking for them one day.
  1. According to a specialist on the subject,
    “Sometimes a kind word can be a disguise
    for the sort of fellow I might become
    in the event of an ellipse.”
    I never told anyone I was the moon.
  1. According to the stage manager,
    “The best way to dispose of a corpse
    is in subdued light.
    Give us just enough light
    so the crew can get on and off safely.”
  1. According to today’s paper,
    “Tomorrow should be another day
    with maybe rain.” I should read it when it hits the stands
    –the paper, not the rain. Silly.
  1. According to the girl at the checkout,
    I can get a larger cup of coffee for just 10 cents more, so I do.
    I don’t know why.

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