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Gu’e! Aglust 1 lueth 2

 For anyone with a taste for the writings of Elves, my hat is off to you. Elf is not easy, therefore, it has not been my most favorite thing on earth. However, I have committed myself to the task of reading a bit more of the stuff over the next year or so.. Here is an example of a piece of Dark Elf poetry that I think has some merit.

Aglust 1

Dos ph’ naut aluin ulu cal nindel rusty raisin?
Ol’s dosst lar, drill dos xuat zhaun vel’klar ol’s tlus.

Doeb l’ window, vel’bol xun dos kyorl udossa ‘zil?
Nindyn ph’ reflections d’ udossa wun l’ ujool.

Ji gow nindol auflaque.  Orn dos qualla gow nindol auflaque?
Ssinssriggin l’thin used tlu dosst emp’poss.

Lu’ orn’la naut dos y’sik tlu natha moonbeam?
Swing pholor natha elemmiire?  Lor’ depleted?

Fol dro saph turpentine, xuat dos zhaun?
Fridj re’ew l’ lid rath p’los dos alu.

Aglust 2

 Gaer ph’ Nachos lu’ gaer ph’ Nachos.
L’ difference er’griff outlaws zhaun.

Uss klez subsequently jalbyr,
Civilization started wun natha town ul’kas Ur.

Tala zhah l’ kluchud’ssussun d’ ussta seke ssinssrigin’s lauske.
Folbol tessoe uns’aa we’re naut wun Kansas anymore.

Usstan alurl inbau usstan ulu natha church;
Usstan xal tlu natha “so-and-ji” lu’ natha “such-and-folt.”

Ka dos orn vrine’winith tluin ji positively negative,
Usstan orn vrine’winith tluin ji callously sensitive.

Nindel aeros Usstan gow, zhah ol falann though ol’s gajen November?
Nau.  Nindel’s natha myar Elvis impersonator xunin ‘Ssinssrigg Uns’aa Tender.’

Unwavering naiveté zhah ussta mzilst tounle caracteristique.
Gi, l’ superman suit?
Nindel’s subterfuge, ka dos will–ussta shtick.

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Jed’s Dead: You’ve Already Won Baby Doll

You’ve Already Won, Baby Doll is Los Angeles based band Jed’s Dead‘s first release; it’s alternative country that sometimes boogies then sometimes sits and reflects– all to a good smoke. Speaking of reflection in song form, the Black River Bridge, the CD’s third song, speaks of past losses such as a friend’s body found bloody dead some years ago right here at this Black River Bridge. The song says, “Glad it wasn’t you, glad it wasn’t me, glad we made it through.”

CD baby says this CD is A tasty blend of and folk-noir that goes well with whiskey.”

The fourth track, Party Wrecker, rocks to no end; there are no two ways about that. It is berserker boogie at it’s best. “I didn’t mean to wreck your party,” voices a pseudo-half-apologetic blame throwing singer, “but you shouldn’t of broke my heart.” Lyric writing like the stuff coming from Jed’s Dead is iconic in a good way, really–one can be new-ed by country lyrics from time to time. The CD sleeve says all but two of the tunes are written by songwriter and film writer Ed Romero. says “Jed’s Dead crafts songs that range from twangy, blues rockers to brooding, acoustic ballads with a touch of black humor.”

This brings us to Jed’s line up: Mathew Thies, Ed Romero, Mo Sosnow, and Dave Wharton. California makes good bands.

This writers’ pick off the CD is track eight, Kinda Cool about a girl with Guthrie records but no stereo–she spins them on her finger like a basketball and uses her imagination. The song makes you want to hang out with everyone delightful and magical–non-stop.

Here’s Jead’s Dead on twitter.

Here they are @

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A book you might love by Sy Hoahwah

Velroy and the Madischie MafiaSy Hoahwah is Yappithuka Comanche/Southern Arapahoe. He has lived throughout Oklahoma and the southern United States. He holds an M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Arkansas, and his poetry has appeared in Shenandoah, Indiana Review, and Melee, as well as winning an award from the Academy of American Poets. This is his first full-length book.

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J’nesst, a Dark Elf Love Poem by Kre’tan

The story was that of a young dark elf, Kre’tan, who did once fall deeply in love with a mortal by the name of Barb.   This of course was unlucky not so much in that it deviated a bit from elf  custom– it surely did not.  Stories of steamy love affairs between elves and humans have been written about for ages.  Yet in this instance, the problem which would not work its way out was that Barb did not like Kre’tan at all.  She only wanted him to go away and to stop trampling up her rhododendrons.  However, the undeterred reject would not give up his longing for the beautiful Barb for a long while.  He wrote and sang and performed badly night after night from the street or from her garden.  Then finally, Kre’tan stopped showing up at Barb’s home one evening and that was the end of that.

We have hundreds of  manuscripts that Kre’tan left thrown about in Barb’s front yard.  Here is an example of some of the stuff he would churn out.  This is called in elf language,  J’nesst, or Woman, in the common tongue.


J’nesst, dosst borough zhah zhaunus though
dos toss acorns dal olt spire a uns’aa.
Ph’ naut dosst tsossen jal ghil wun Memphis?
Qualla prep mina whol inspection.
Dorn kyorl wun l’ revi’n lu’ lil’alure
Usstan tlun natha ssinssrigg target.

Sweetness, whol l’ dulcet linath Usstan sundu a dos
Usstan inbau natha simper lu’ biu apian response
Usstan ragar confusing.
Xal yodeling ol ‘sohna orn xxizz xuil nindol?
Lu’ nindol draeval, Bob pholor kazoo xuil accompany.
O la la, nindol zhah l’ m’sig ussta xukuth morfethen whol tau.

Jallil, whol l’ mess dos telanth ussta zha’trassen
inbal morfel pholor dosst rhododendrons qualla commit
uns’aa ulu l’ kul’gobsula d’ dosst ssinssrigg garden, dosst slammer d’ bliss.
Dal gaer Usstan orn kus garlands zhaunus ulu exonerate uns’aa.
Usstan tlun to’ryll wun dosst courtroom; nindol zhal’la account whol folbol.

Honey pie, Usstan inbalus er’griff uss fig wun ussta pocket
ulu share maristo drill l’ morn’lo wun nindol che’el uriu naut tlus ichl valyrin.
Ghil ol zhah, though, saph love–natha disorienting mush.
Ji doer harl ghil. Sila dosst hunger. Udos zhal feast.
Mziln, hurling klezn a uns’aa orn’la tlu easier ghil wun l’ revi’n.

Jabbress d’ ssinssrigg nindel Usstan tlun keen pholor,
dos ‘zil al ‘zil Usstan zhaun l’ daylight dal l’ tangi lu’ l’ nighttime dal l’ isto.
Quin, ah nindol zhaunil, ul’naus udos share, z’klaen whol nin suffice
yol kre’tan uriu sila’ve xuil ol natha rosa sariya, natha paperboy,
lu’ natha xa’huu truck; Lu’, Usstan brorn ka nind onhir dos ‘zil Usstan.

by Kre’tan

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For Anyone with a Taste for the writings of Elves

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A stroll that results in a lot of thoughts about how life is or could be and then it ends–reflections.

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Ödland – Ottocento


Recommended is this enterprize from the French group Ödland. Bärbel says this about OTTOCENTO,

“Oh ja, das gefällt mir! ” –Barbel

Merci, Bärbel, that is how we must describe OTTOCENTO. It is a much needed audio back-rub (Oh, ja) for the musical pains, if you will, of note lovers well ready to be Ödland-ed.

“Ödland is interweaving highly alluring chamber music with the spirit of British bonbon artpop babes Lollipop Train, amalgamating ragtime splinters, animals’ voices and innocent whispers into something half chaste, half supersexy, playful and beguiling all the way.” –Filles sourires
Ödland is Lorenzo Papace, Alizée Bingöllü, Isabelle Royet-Journoud, and Léa Bingöllü.

Watch their awesomeness

Ödland all over the web:
Go to:

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