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An Interview With Hardy Jones on People of the Good God

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In People of the Good God, Hardy Jones explores a search Hardy began in his twenties to better understand Cajun identity and how Cajun culture evolved into the present day.  Hardy combines memoir, food writing, travel writing, and music writing in his book, and Constance Squires discusses the process of bringing so much history and cultural texture into one work in this interview:

Constance Squires: Hardy, I am always interested in tracking what feels to me like the motivating impulse in a book—what drove you to write it.  There’s a great sense of personal awareness in these essays and the sense of your own journey is a strong structural principle connecting them.  How would you describe your motivating impulse for this collection?

Hardy Jones Hardy Jones

Hardy Jones: The motivating impulse was a self-education on Cajun history and culture, and as I discovered this information, then the writing…

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