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Jesse James

Should we take a photograph?
Might never find this place again?

We’ve wandered much too far from the trail.
I’m not even sure we can get back to town.

Sun’s almost down. But think…
It was the gang along with Jesse James

What left their stuff here for us to find.
Damn them for leaving all this loot.

And, son, take off your shoes and your hat.
‘Cause, for hikers like us, this is holy ground.

It’s the Shangri La, the outlaw’s Solomon’s Mines.
Okies call it, “The Banks of the Cache Creek”

–8th wonder of the Wichitas. And, oh my, it’s late.
What the hell are we gonna tell your mom.

Hey look! The story’s true: it’s not a cave.
It’s more like one or two rocks.

And, yes, there’s no proof of its existence.
And, yes, no one has seen it in at least a hundred years.

That is, as far as any of these rocks and leaves can tell.
And, yes, I really want to take a photograph.

But no! Please! Stop me! That would be terribly wrong.
‘Cause, son, there are some things in this life

The military must not get their mitts on.
Just back away, slowly, and don’t touch a thing.

If word gets to the presses these hills will be swarming,
No, teeming with tanks by sunrise- Remember Roswell?


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