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Po Pgo Est Hewe a Sel

Allaro undth emulber ryb ush
Them onke y cha sed thewe a sel.
Them onke y tho ught’t wa sall inf un.
Po pgo est hewe a sel.

Apen nyfo raspo olof thre ad,
Apen nyfo rane edle.
Tha t’sthe wa yt hemo neygo es.
Po pgo est hewe a sel.

Upa nd do wnthe cit yroad,
Ina ndou tof thee agle,
Tha t’sthe wa yth emo neygo es.
Po pgo est hewe a sel.

Hal fap oundo ftup pen neyri ce,
Hal fap oundo ftre acle,
Mi xit upan d ma keit ni ce,
Po pgo est hewe a sel.

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Vel’bol neera d’natha nesst vel’uss uriu naubol

ulu elg’car bauth?

‘udtila uk vost ulu ulorith
–wun ukt ehmtu bubble?

Xor, ‘udtila uk fridj retire ulu
natha dro d’tyln waelane bauth
pholor natha but’laeb wun jyzumar

vel’bolen oltan revolves bauth
biu tangis’mzild suingmc
retlah d’sseren-aeros elemmiire?


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L’Har’dro, l’Sssiks, lu’l’Anulo


Usstan inbal luthk rahi
d’har’dro a usstan
‘zil natha yugho belbol
t’yin cal’tuu tonaik
har’dro ‘zil natha umbren.
Fol klezn ph’naut natha olis’inth
nindel Usstan xun.


L’fa’la zatoast junissg uns’aa–l’sssiks,
l’medosek riser (L’sssiks
uriu mzild klezn ulu xun taga uns’aa
Usstan sieva)
Il morfethe ilta ehmtu ssussun.
(Xsa, Primadonna)
Ka Usstan gumash, Usstan orn’la morfeth
ussta ehmtu ssussun.


Ussta waess unl’r lu’l’anulo gos doeb.
Ol unl’r ditronw a l’junction vel’klar
Usstan orn’la tlu anulo.
Nindel’s shu, Usstan xun ol,
Lu’ol zhah naut natha olis’inth.

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Once Again I Was Wrong About Monsters

MV5BMjM3Mzk2MDU3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzg1NTI4MDE@._V1_SX214_Well, once again I was wrong about monsters. I had at one time thought that, of course, vampires and werewolves naturally topple into that most vile and hideous category of creatures–the hipster.

My mistake.

This is what I once wrote: 

“Frankenstein’s monster is the only notable monster. Vampires are lazy blood-suckers. Werewolves, aside from being coprophagous, are nudists who have no idea where their clothes went. In contrast, the—monster loves flowers—Frankenstein attempts to make the best of monster life but to no avail. He is hunted down and hated—why? Perhaps it is his inability to successfully transform himself into a hipster.”


I had thought that at least Shelly’s monster was immune. Boy, was I wrong‽

The Young Frankenstein’s monster had been cool, not hip, in my opinion.

Mary Shelley’s Monster once said:

“There was none among the myriads of men that existed who would pity or assist me; and should I feel kindness towards my enemies? No: from that moment I declared everlasting war against the species, and, more than all, against him who had formed me and. sent me forth to this insupportable misery.”

I once reckoned that there was nothing less hip than being genuine and that nothing could change that. No?

Enter the new sexy monster.

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