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61vjwpztmdlT&T Press released its first copy of Terry m Gresham’s book, Under a Toenail Moon, in 2015 and they have never looked back. No one was around to tell them no. All there is now is the future and stuff. Its official release was held at the Lakemon resort in Bacolod, Philipines. There was lots of salt water swimming and dodgeball playing to go along with it. Sorry if you didn’t make it out. Maybe next time. Anyway, click on the pic and order the dang thing. Leave a review somewhere and that will be appreciated by all at our little Oklahoma home.

Available Now

Dark Sandwiches
is the next book to escape off the press. This is a collection of poems that sprang up from somewhere. There is also a take on the Gilgamesh story in there that readers will not want to miss. There are other things in there too. Folks will not want to miss out on those as well. A party for this book’s release has not yet been planned, maybe somewhere in Ireland or Kuwait. Anyway, it is available right here without all the fun and festivities and international fight checks and delicious cuisine one might expect with a book release of this sort.


Dark Sandwiches is a playful romp through the absurdities of life in the spirit of Dada, the Beats, and Yoko Ono. Yet in the midst of all the fun, thought provoking insights emerge. “Much of life is not pawnable,” as Terry states in the prologue. Dark Sandwiches is an entertaining exploration of those unpawnable moments of life. – Sam McMicheal

Coming Soon ‘Cause it Ain’t Yet Printed

Bits and Pieces coverBits and Pieces, is as West Texas as you wanna get. Delora Saviteer’s masterful story-telling shines through like at the dinner table. In fact, that’s where the idea for this book originated–seated right there next to the mash potatoes and greens. Can’t wait to hear more stories and maybe be invited back for more eats.