“When I was a child, one of my uncles gave me what he said was a real dinosaur bone. The little black object certainly looked like some sort of bone, and I kept it in my little collection of shark teeth and other fossils in my closest.”–BrianSwitek

My question is that rock vs. bone check
our kid does, his method of archeology.
That low-end science technique
where his tongue touches crap
like, it might be jawbones of a T-rex.
It’s real science, mind you, this licking.
Porous it’s bone. Solid it’s stone.

But he ought to take a water bottle
out hunting dinosaur bones
all day. He surveys but it’s stop-and-go;
he runs into the house, grabs
a glass of water, washes the grit
from his palate, eats a pickle or a sandwich,
then bolts away again on his bike.

Hell, one day his bones will give way to Walmart
where he’ll stock shelves and work checkouts.
As an alternate culling (to save on college)
he might go into a branch of service
that deploys him in the Middle East.

Let’s just say for now while he’s young
that he will lick all the rocks he wants,
either solid or porous.
Let him ID bones.
Simple enough.
I’ll keep the water bill paid.
I’ll wash the cups.


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