21 Ways to Drift and Float

1. Make a boat with your hands. Use them like a boat.
2. Be a balloon; not a stone.
3. Rest on the surface of a lake. Stay on top of that lake. Don’t go under.
4. Be a scoop of ice cream perched within a soft drink.
5. Become a drifter.
6. Go fishing. Wade out holding the line. When a fish bites, tell someone.
7. Levitate.
8. Be the Portuguese man-of-war. Get good at using that bladder.
9. Live in a carburetor or the back of a toilet tank.
10. Don’t walk. Don’t run. Don’t Crawl. Glide.
11. Become a sailor or a bird’s wing.
12. Be the smell of stale fat wafted out from a cafe.
13. Only skim through newspapers and magazines.
14. Be a tourist, never be a pilgrim.
15. Hang from monkey bars.
16. Be buoyant. Stay afloat. Walk like the sun.
17. Live on a moon or on a bubble bath.
18. Change your name to Bob. Bounce up and down.
19. Be made out of cork.
20. Live in trees.
21. Be turpentine. Have someone leave the lid off.


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