Karen Does Not Do Karaoke

Karaoke Singer_Female_wht_burgandy_border_01Karen does not do Karaoke!
Absolutely not.
That’s not serious music
and she’s probably right.

Karen knows everything.
Don’t it make you sick?
She’s a rock and roll Puritan.
Anything else is a joke.

Karen does not do samba.
She does not do Jazz.
She does not do U2.
She does not do Nina Simone.
And she definitely does not do rap.

She’s Hendrix biggest fan
though she hates the blues.

(She does like some of the newer country)

And trust me…don’t even mention The Mills Brothers
all of that is ludicrous.

But what Karen does do is heroin
when she can get it. Crack when she can’t.
Karen constantly confronts the dilemma
of her teeth falling out.

But Karen definitely does not do Karaoke,
to her credit, since that would be far too


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