Ori’gato Udossa Ku’lam by Orophin Palantír

Writings have been turning up around the place that to my mind have a strange elfish quality to it all.   Normally, we are not in the habit of publishing a whole lot of the confounded stuff since there’s not really a whole lot of demand for elf poetry but this elf has been so vexing and persistent, thus forcing my hand.  There, published. I hope now that the torrent of submissions will subside for awhile.

Ori’gato Udossa Ku’lam by Orophin Palantír

Ori’gato udossa ku’lam early xuil suri
fol tangi uss kre’tan
shaking l’ dew tir l’ plains.

Udos orn kre’j a sleeping t’yin udos orn guuan phor
chasing tizzinen dal udossta zha’trassen.

T’yin udos’ll alu nnabiss zhas onions
—breakfast orn saph mina.
Zexen’uma veir, nindolen onions ph’ zhas.

Siyo, udos orn wussrun’wa udos ph’ noamuth doeb gaer tahta drill
still udos orn tah l’ zhas onion.

Comelinas pholor l’ zet,
sage brush pholor ditronw ji udos alurl zexen’uma veir ulu l’ revis.

L’ buffalo grass orn tlu draa lu’ kitrye inch—izznarg whol nindolen plains.
‘Sinairen zhas ‘zil al.

Ajak: leaflets wun llar sevir ‘em tlu. Okay?
Nindyn ph’ elg’cahl olvan. Sevir ‘em.

Jal udos orn ssinssrin orn tlu zhas onions t’yin breakfast.
Udos alurl alu check a l’ lanke.


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