Wild Animals by Elma Vanzemaljac

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Elma Vanzemaljac

Wild Animals
by Elma Vanzemaljac

I was in a forest
all alone
bright moonlight was showing me the way
steps of unknown animal were written
in a snow
I felt no fear

music was playing in my ears
I tried to dance
but the snow was too deep
so I kept on walking
eyes of a wolf were looking at me
with some strange warmth

he heard my music
he felt my pain
I saw his wild eyes as he was coming closer
he jumped inside my brain
we were the same
not scared, not surprised
running away from humans
finding the answers in a moonlight

snow wasn’t untouched when we left
we made a circle while changing our bodies
than we went each following our own way
I went deep into a forest

he went into a warm house among humans
we were still the same
free and wild

Elma lives in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina , via myspace c/o Terry Gresham.


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  1. Thank you for posting my poem 🙂

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