lu’ Usstan llaar don’t zhaun fridj vel’klar

 For anyone with a taste for the writings of Elves, my hat is off to you.  Elf is not easy.  Therefore, it has not been my most favorite thing on earth.  Nonetheless, I have committed myself to the task of reading a bit more of the confounded stuff over the next year or so.  Here is an example of a piece of Dark Elf poetry in  elf-nglish that I think has some merit.

lu’ Usstan llaar don’t zhaun fridj vel’klar

Usstan tlun a l’ intersection
vel’klar foluss tied vel’bol h’uena zhahus
natha balloon ulu natha sluda

-linked fence nindel divides trezen
yvalm dal werneth yvalm traffic.
Usstan tlun paused whol natha phish ssussun–
feithin whol natha to’ryll.
L’ tix balloon uriu verve yol alus drill ol’s uuthli string,
still tied,
still falmar wun biu Oklahoma su’aco.

Lu’ ussta rahi ph’ pholor l’ wheel–
lu’ Usstan tlun ghil longing ulu untie nindel string
ulu plynn ol ‘zil feir ‘zil l’ edge d’ nindol town.

Drill nindel phish ssussun nezmuth’t vaen mal’rak.
Gaer ph’ cars ahead lu’ cars rathrea lu’
Usstan tlun naut getting doeb whol jala xsa balloon string.
Still, ol morfethen uns’aa satiir folbol wun motion

lu’ Usstan llaar don’t zhaun fridj vel’klar.


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