Ieri este mult mai aproape

dimineti cenusii

doar radacinile-mi sunt casa

in zilele pustii

si-ai putea , incet

sa-mi infigi fiori de noapte

in vise tarzii …

Poate .

Yesterday is much closer

morning gray

only roots are my home

empty days

and you could , slowly

stick to thrill of night

in late dreams …


Karen Dalton : Katie Cruel


Oh that I was where I would be,
Then I would be where I am not,
Here I am where I must be
Go where I would, I can not


Prin paduri :

Alex , Zazuza , Ana , Ora25 , Greiere , Amuleta , Deea , Inda , Cella , Schtiel , Calin , Cristi , Rokssana , Androxa , AliceG , Hanny-Bunny , Principessa , Vania , VizualW , GabryelleH , Lili3d , OanaClara , Savitsky , Dictatura , Moi , Ela

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