[Accompaniment Brahms]

Cassandra dips into Brahmsian tunes

Focuses piano fingers

Grinds in hymns and lullabies
Homogenates them

Ignites gas piloted furnaces
Juggles cantaloupes

Kennels up the dogs
Loses sleep over money

Mops floors in memory of Helios
Questions foreign policy to Brahms


Resting her head upon my shoulder,
She sits naked on piano bench

Wrangles moderato
Underscoring sections of her journal while

Venting frustrations, most notably:  me.
she writes,
“Will this fool cease his obsession with Bach?”,

X-out his fixation over Joh-whatever Sabastian?
Yes or no?”  To her I am a, “Philistine Xenophobe”

The Zero hour is now.

So tonight I will be learning my Brahms.


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