Nightmare # 201

Then on that same night the sun refused to set.
I was not at all amused–I told the sun so.
You shook your fists like nobody’s business.

That was a mistake.

The moon showed up with angry meteorites
and pissed-off comets, but they were no match for us.
I told them this.  And I was not at all kind.

That was all it took.

The sun started to cry which began a chain
reaction until, one by one, stars took to
flinging themselves from lofty constellations.

You held out your hands.

Then I remembered, you rode the bench in sports.
As far as catching things, you were a symptom
of health.  So as the universe collapsed I

did have my concerns.

But I stood by you, friend, watching you fail
over and over and over and, oh, over again.
I saluted you and I took off my hat.

Then I crossed myself

as the earth swallowed us up.  Man, was I mad.
I told the earth so but you were also mad
by then, still trying to catch stars still falling.

That’s when I woke up.



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