Gu’e! Aglust 1 lueth 2

 For anyone with a taste for the writings of Elves, my hat is off to you. Elf is not easy, therefore, it has not been my most favorite thing on earth. However, I have committed myself to the task of reading a bit more of the stuff over the next year or so.. Here is an example of a piece of Dark Elf poetry that I think has some merit.

Aglust 1

Dos ph’ naut aluin ulu cal nindel rusty raisin?
Ol’s dosst lar, drill dos xuat zhaun vel’klar ol’s tlus.

Doeb l’ window, vel’bol xun dos kyorl udossa ‘zil?
Nindyn ph’ reflections d’ udossa wun l’ ujool.

Ji gow nindol auflaque.  Orn dos qualla gow nindol auflaque?
Ssinssriggin l’thin used tlu dosst emp’poss.

Lu’ orn’la naut dos y’sik tlu natha moonbeam?
Swing pholor natha elemmiire?  Lor’ depleted?

Fol dro saph turpentine, xuat dos zhaun?
Fridj re’ew l’ lid rath p’los dos alu.

Aglust 2

 Gaer ph’ Nachos lu’ gaer ph’ Nachos.
L’ difference er’griff outlaws zhaun.

Uss klez subsequently jalbyr,
Civilization started wun natha town ul’kas Ur.

Tala zhah l’ kluchud’ssussun d’ ussta seke ssinssrigin’s lauske.
Folbol tessoe uns’aa we’re naut wun Kansas anymore.

Usstan alurl inbau usstan ulu natha church;
Usstan xal tlu natha “so-and-ji” lu’ natha “such-and-folt.”

Ka dos orn vrine’winith tluin ji positively negative,
Usstan orn vrine’winith tluin ji callously sensitive.

Nindel aeros Usstan gow, zhah ol falann though ol’s gajen November?
Nau.  Nindel’s natha myar Elvis impersonator xunin ‘Ssinssrigg Uns’aa Tender.’

Unwavering naiveté zhah ussta mzilst tounle caracteristique.
Gi, l’ superman suit?
Nindel’s subterfuge, ka dos will–ussta shtick.


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