Jed’s Dead: You’ve Already Won Baby Doll

You’ve Already Won, Baby Doll is Los Angeles based band Jed’s Dead‘s first release; it’s alternative country that sometimes boogies then sometimes sits and reflects– all to a good smoke. Speaking of reflection in song form, the Black River Bridge, the CD’s third song, speaks of past losses such as a friend’s body found bloody dead some years ago right here at this Black River Bridge. The song says, “Glad it wasn’t you, glad it wasn’t me, glad we made it through.”

CD baby says this CD is A tasty blend of and folk-noir that goes well with whiskey.”

The fourth track, Party Wrecker, rocks to no end; there are no two ways about that. It is berserker boogie at it’s best. “I didn’t mean to wreck your party,” voices a pseudo-half-apologetic blame throwing singer, “but you shouldn’t of broke my heart.” Lyric writing like the stuff coming from Jed’s Dead is iconic in a good way, really–one can be new-ed by country lyrics from time to time. The CD sleeve says all but two of the tunes are written by songwriter and film writer Ed Romero. says “Jed’s Dead crafts songs that range from twangy, blues rockers to brooding, acoustic ballads with a touch of black humor.”

This brings us to Jed’s line up: Mathew Thies, Ed Romero, Mo Sosnow, and Dave Wharton. California makes good bands.

This writers’ pick off the CD is track eight, Kinda Cool about a girl with Guthrie records but no stereo–she spins them on her finger like a basketball and uses her imagination. The song makes you want to hang out with everyone delightful and magical–non-stop.

Here’s Jead’s Dead on twitter.

Here they are @


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