Ödland – Ottocento


Recommended is this enterprize from the French group Ödland. Bärbel says this about OTTOCENTO,

“Oh ja, das gefällt mir! ” –Barbel

Merci, Bärbel, that is how we must describe OTTOCENTO. It is a much needed audio back-rub (Oh, ja) for the musical pains, if you will, of note lovers well ready to be Ödland-ed.

“Ödland is interweaving highly alluring chamber music with the spirit of British bonbon artpop babes Lollipop Train, amalgamating ragtime splinters, animals’ voices and innocent whispers into something half chaste, half supersexy, playful and beguiling all the way.” –Filles sourires
Ödland is Lorenzo Papace, Alizée Bingöllü, Isabelle Royet-Journoud, and Léa Bingöllü.

Watch their awesomeness

Ödland all over the web:
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